Rights and Responsibilities

For Accessbility Issue

Passengers Rights

As a passenger you are entitled to:

  • Choose the route to your destination
  • Refuse multiple hiring or share riding
  • Be charged the correct fare (which includes flagfall, tolls and booking fee) and receive correct change.
  • Not to be charged a booking fee if hailing a taxi or from a rank.
  • Travel in a vehicle that adequately provides for your safety and comfort.
  • Request a receipt
  • Request assistance to board or leave the taxi
  • Request assistance to load and
  • Unload your luggage(not excessive in weight)
  • Be accompanied by an assistance taxi if required
  • Receive a wheelchair accessible taxi if required.
  • Provide feedback about the service.

Passenger Responsibilities

As a passenger you must:

  • Pay the correct fare (including any tolls and booking fees)
  • Wear a seatbelt and ensure children are lawfully restrained.
  • Display good behavior and not cause a disturbance or nuisance while travelling
  • Not eat, drink or smoke inside the taxi.
  • Not willfully and unlawfully damage, deface or improperly interfere with the taxi or its service equipment
  • Not ask the driver to speed or break any roads rules or laws.

Taxi Driver Rights

Taxi driver have the right to:

  • Work in a safe environment and be treated with courtesy.
  • Refuse travel to a passenger who the driver believes may have insufficient funds to pay the fare or may cause a disturbance, nuisance, or be a danger to the driver, other passengers or road users.
  • Request a deposit before the journey starts if the driver believes a passenger may evade fare payment, this deposit may be up to the estimated full fare or agreed amount.
  • Charge a cleaning fee if a passenger soils the taxi refuse to carry animals(there is an exception for passengers with a disability who require an assistance animal).

Taxi Driver Responsibilities

A taxi driver must:

  • Be courteous to passengers, the public and other road users provide reasonable assistance to passengers while boarding or leaving the taxi.
  • Provide reasonable assistance to passengers with loading and unloading of luggage(not excessive the weight)
  • Not drive while fatigued.
  • Not be under the influence of a drug, which includes medication, that can effect driving.
  • Have a blood alcohol level of zero.
  • Be neatly dressed
  • Keep the taxi clean and tidy
  • Not smoke in the taxi
  • Carry evidence of driver authorisation
  • Be medically fit at all times
  • Speak and understand English
  • Deactivate the taxi meter when arriving at the passenger's destination and reset the meter after completing the trip payment.
  • Stop the taxi meter if unable to complete the journey and ensure other transport arrangements for the passenger(s) are made if required.
  • Ensure the hail light is on when avalaible for hire.

This information is provided in Queensland Transport and Main Roads brochure, Taxi Users Guide.