Secure Night Ranks

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Secure Taxi Rank

Secure taxi ranks are staffed by experienced taxi rank marshals and security guards, and in some locations, CCTV surveillance is in place.

At a secured taxi rank, patrons can expect:

  • to queue in an environment that is free from unruly and in appropriate behaviour
  • an organised supply of taxis to the rank to meet demand
  • management of the flow of passengers and organisation of share rides as required
  • answers to customer queries about routes and fares.

Abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards taxi rank marshals, security guards or other patrons waiting in a secured taxi rank queue will not be tolerated. People who behave in this manner will be asked to leave the rank and police will be called in cases of continuing abusive or inappropriate behaviour.

Over time, the Department of Transport and Main Roads will work with all local councils to implement a range of security upgrades at secure taxi ranks, including installation of improved lighting, better signs and street furniture.

Current Secure Rank locations for the Gold Coast include:

  • Cavill Avenue
  • Oasis (Broadbeach)
  • Coolangatta